About us


A10 new European Cooperative is a network of journalists, critics, and bloggers in the field of architecture. Together we work on a platform for (emerging) European architecture within the broader context of economics, politics, philosophy, sociology, and art. All A10 members are independent and leading experts within their own fields of expertise.

A10 reflects on topical European issues and how architects respond to them. We offer a platform for emerging European architects within the various drivers that shape their work. To be able to truly reflect on architecture, we believe it is important to also report on the social, political, cultural, historical, and economic context in which the building, the architect, the location, and the stakeholders are included.

All authors on this platform are a member of the A10 new European architecture Cooperative. Together we manage, develop, and build upon our online and offline activities. Under A10 Coop one can find our collaborative projects. To all Posts by correspondents our basic rules apply:

  1. We only review projects that we have actually visited – if not this will be explicitly stated
  2. We contact the architects and/or other related parties (users, stakeholders, investors, contractors, developers, etc.) for additional information
  3. We are transparent and independent
  4. We always report on the broader context in which architecture has come about, politically, financially, culturally, socially
  5. While reporting on topical issues we aim to find a common European denominator.

The A10 Coop board, elected by the Coop members, are in charge of the daily affairs of the Coop. For more information, they can be contacted here.

The website has also been made entirely with the A10 Coop members: Sylvain Tegroeg did the graphic design and Dutton Hauhart edited the texts.