Villa on the valley – Text: Ruta Leitanaite – Photos: Norbert Tukaj

Featuring picturesque hilly relief, abundant green areas in the whole territory and, unfortunately, high level of urban sprawl, Vilnius is one of the sparsely urbanized capitals in Europe. While the city is struggling with the outcomes such as mobility, social welfare, economic and infrastructural challenges, promoting compactness, the citizens are still enjoying possibilities to live in a dream. This dream features an individual house with a plot of the land, preferably isolated from the neighbours and close to the city’s attractions and services.

Villa on the valley in Vilnius by arches is one of the incarnation of those dreams. And, the dreams not only of the owners, but of the architects as well, it must be added. Quoting the architects, they were granted with a chance, credits and tools to opt for the ultimate quality of living environment and innovative design in an exceptional environment.

The Villa is located on the slope of prehistoric bank of the river, which today is part of Pavilniai regional park. The beauty and serenity of the location is striking even more, when knowing that there’s a densely built residential area, adjacent hospital and a busy street in a close vicinity.

Due to the regulations of the Park, the villa was built on the location of the former wooden homestead, which burned down several years ago. It overlooks the valley at the same time exposing itself as a strong statement of contemporary architecture. The irregular shape of the house corresponds to the landscape. The ground floor is partly hidden in the slope and thanks to the black shale finish, it “disappears” in the shadows, making the building visually smaller.

The interior spaces are smartly orientated towards the most precious views in such a way that almost every room has its own open-air terrace. The first floor volume, finished with natural wood, celebrates expressive, yet laconic, forms of volumes that interprets the silhouette of a traditional sloped house. The terraces and courtyards are arranged in different levels, providing privacy, enabling to enjoy both morning and evening sun. Elegant aesthetics is achieved with minimal arhitectural means, yet very meticulous implementation of every detail.

The building was awarded with several national (Grand Prix of National architecture review “Introspection” by Architects Association of Lithuania, Best House Interior at “My space 2017” Interior architecture award) and international awards (The best house up to 300 sq. m  award at Residential Architecture Design Award 2017, USA).