Office in Nature – InTegra House – Ruta Leitaneite

An unusual and progressive idea of a new type of institution – a centre for creative meetings and education of businessmen, artists and children – is given respectively innovative and inspiring environment of the highest quality.

The centre aims to provide an uncommon environment for unconventional thinkers, creators and educators, starting with the choice of location. Instead of choosing a spot in the city, the owners fell for a remote corner in the picturesque environment of the Subartenai village, some 40 km from the capital city of Vilnius. A design of the centre was chosen during an architectural competition.

Four triangle shaped volumes are scattered irregularly down the terraces of Monis lake in such a way that a sensitive harmony of architecture and the landscape is achieved. Green roofs, cedar wood and Corten finish merge the contemporary architecture with the surrounding nature. The surrounding landscape is as natural as possible – the green lawn exposes the existing relieve, complemented with wooden elements of small architecture and lined with pebble paths.

Comfort in healthy, natural environment and the continuous connection with the nature are the priorities here. Therefore, the inner spaces open up to the outside through floor-to-ceiling windows, providing abundant daylight. Only natural materials are being used for interiors as well, such as cedar wood, bee-wax impregnated white clay dirt floor and clay plaster for the walls. Flexibility of spaces and suitability for different activities is another priority, therefore airy inner spaces are easily transformed and the visitor is tempted by a playful set of choices, like introvert or extrovert bathrooms, different sizes and shapes of a meeting table.