SUDERBYN and LAMMAS – Experiments on sustainable living – Indira van ‘t KloosterPhoto: Suderbyn

Since 1974, Hugh Piggot has been living off-grid and off-road in Scoraig – a peninsula in North West Scotland. After obtaining an academic degree at Cambridge, he decided to build a windmill to provide electric lighting in the crashing winter storms, and this has been his vocation ever since. From a DIY engineer, he became a leading wind energy expert. His Wind Turbine Recipe Book is a bestseller in the world of community living. It describes how to build a range of different sizes and voltages for wind turbines, and it is continually being discussed and updated online.

It is impossible to say how many of these windmills have been built worldwide, but Suderbyn – an intentional community in Sweden – has one. Their Piggot Wind Turbine is part of a Closed Loop system: a circular system for small-scale food and energy production, even in cold and biologically sensitive areas. The system integrates a geo-solar greenhouse using smart design and renewable, locally produced energy; a micro-biogas digester which uses organic waste for energy production; and an aeroponics system for soil-free plant cultivation.

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ROCA is an online magazine, curated by architects Raya Ani, Jane Duncan and John Palmesino, the writer Jonathan Bell, Xavier Torras and Nuria Vall-llovera from Roca and Pati Nuñez, head of Pati Nuñez Agency. In their issue “Want more, use less (Energy)” two communities in Sweden and United Kingdom were featured as part of the Radical Ruralities research by Indira van ‘t Klooster