Update – Winners of the Hungary Media Architecture Prize 2017 – Hungary

Folk 2.0 by József Őrfi and Seurasaari Open Air Museum by Gyula Takács winners of the MAP 2017

In a fully packed “Europa”, the Donau partyboat that was the venue for this year’s edition of the MAP, Jozsef Orfi was awarded first prize in the “buildings” category. The media jury granted his Folk 2.0 1 point more than the other favourite (Palatinus Bath by Archikon). “Cheap materials, simple solutions, recycled raw materials, and energy-saving measures made a dream come true. With the cost-saving, self-built construction method, the price of a nearly 80-square-metre expansion has fallen to one third of the standard acquisition costs.”

In the “plans” category the winner was Gyula Takacs with his take on the Seurasaari open air museum. “Gyula Takács’s highly original choice of subject is a plan for new arrival buildings of the Seurasaari Open-Air Museum, by reinforcing the existing elements and adding a few new buildings, inspired by Skanzen houses.”

Before announcing the 10 finalists the jury reflected on the recent changes in the Hungarian media landscape: “A reason for concern are the radical changes in what is perceived as ‘media’. Now that ‘news’ can be factual, objective, subjective, manipulated, bought or fake, it has become increasingly unclear what is true and what is false. The increasing influence from companies like Facebook and Google as platforms for popular opinions, and the political manipulation of them, have further complicated the matter. Also here in Hungary, with the elections of 2018 nearing, many media networks have increasingly come under the reign of businessmen, known as close allies to the government. And it is not CEU, the Central European University, a finalist of this very Award only last year, that is now in hard weather? Broadcasting real and honest news – like architecture or education  – is an act of responsibility, perseverance and courage”. The jury concluded on a positive note: “All 10 finalists show how Hungary’s architects excel in small to medium size projects as they strive for innovation through tradition, both in context, concept, and execution. Architects have always been vulnerable to private owners, investors and politics, but we are very happy to announce the 10 nominated projects, which in our opinion – like honest media networks – show authenticity and creative courage to fulfill a public need.”