Competitions – Case study No. 1 – Shoah Memorial – SET Architects – Italy

Competition Culture in Europe 2013–2016: Shoah Memorial in Bologna, Italy, 2014
Case study No. 1
This is a remarkable competition, just by looking at the timing.

The A10 survey into Competition Culture in Europe 2013–2016, commissioned by Architectuur Lokaal, has made it clear that the word ‘competition’ does not mean the same thing in every country in Europe. Sometimes a competition refers to a design contest without any intention of realization, sometimes it refers to a full tender procedure, or anything in between.To gain a better insight in the nature of competitions in Europe, A10 correspondents collected 50 case studies from 17 countries. Combined they show the differences in topics, fees, procedures, scale, transparency, and clients.

This international competition is perhaps one of the most outstanding examples of a good competition held in Italy between 2013 and 2016.

The competition consisted of realizing a monument that evokes the Shoah (Holocaust); a monument as a piece of architecture, art and/or urban installation located on a significant site in the city of Bologna. It was a big success, with 284 submissions, and the chair of the jury was Peter Eisenmann. This is a remarkable competition, just by looking at the timing: January 2015, competition announcement; April 2015, selected projects announced (with anonymous lists); July 2015, announcement of results and winner.

SET Architects, IT

In January 2016, only one year after the competition launch, the memorial was opened to the public.

Competition culture in Italy was surveyed by A10 correspondent Zaira Magliozzi in Rome. This survey is the start of a four-year research project by Architectuur Lokaal and A10 new European architecture Cooperative. Copy editor: Dutton Hauhart. Photography: Simone Bossi 

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