Critical Dialogues Seminar

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Critical Dialogues Seminar: New Practice in Europe

Critical Dialogues Seminar: New Practice in Europe

GLASGOW (UK) - As the Critical Dialogues exhibition at the Lighthouse, Glasgow, explores examples of new practice in Scotland, Architecture and Design Scotland has arranged a seminar to broaden the discussion to compare and contrast experiences from across Europe. The seminar is linked to the publication of the most recent edition of A10 magazine – which features a special edition on Scotland – speakers from Netherlands, Spain and Scotland will debate and discuss new practice and new ways of working.



The theme of the seminar is new practice and new ways of working and will look at what are current thoughts and trends European wide. Presentations will be from the Critical Dialoguespractices – GRAS, DO architecture, Pidgin Perfect and Stone Opera and European speakers: A10 editor-in-chief Indira van 't Klooster (NL) and A10 correspondent Gonzalo Herrero Delicado (ES).

Launch of A10 #50 and Eurovision: Scotland

Launch of A10 #50 and Eurovision: Scotland

Jointly edited by Ian Gilzean (Chief Architect of the Scottish Government) and Karen Anderson (Chair of Architecture and Design Scotland and founding partner of Anderson Bell Christie) this special edition of Eurovision looks at Scotland. The publication highlights emerging practices and trends, such as a new contemporary vernacular, participatory architecture, rural housing and urban landscape.

Architecture and Design Scotland

Date: 20 March 2013
Location: The Lighthouse, Glasgow

Space at the seminar is limited!
Please reserve your place by emailing

Wednesday | 20 March | 2013 | United Kingdom | A+DS


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