3D printing conference, Rotterdam

Radiolaria manufactured by Enrico Dini's D-shape printer
Serial production through 3D printing by LayerWise
Key players in 3D-printing technology to meet

Key players in 3D-printing technology to meet

ROTTERDAM (NL) - Last year, The Economist labelled 3D printing – producing fully digitized objects with smart software – as the third industrial revolution. On the forefront of this revolution is Italian entrepreneur, designer and inventor Enrico Dini, who has developed a 3D printer, dubbed D-shape, that produces structures from sand. In 2014, he plans to build an entire house (see upcoming article in A10 #50).


During a lecture at the RDM Campus in Rotterdam, Dini and other key players in the field of 3D-printing building technology will come together to talk about the latest developments and possibilities for the future. Participants are Peter Troxler, lecturer at 'Revolution in Manufacturing' at the Polytechnic College in Rotterdam and chairman of the International FabLab Association, Thomas Bossuyt, sales engineer of LayerWise, a Belgian company that shapes metal parts by melting metal powder layer by layer, and Jelle Feringa, PhD student at Hyperbody, a research group at the Faculty of Architecture of the Delft University of Technology that explores techniques and methods for designing and building of non-standard, virtual and interactive architectures.
Tuesday | 19 February | 2013 | Netherlands | A10 new European architecture


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